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Our music lessons offer fantastic value for money, starting at only £10 – we believe this is the lowest price for any instrumental or singing lessons in Berkshire. There are lesson options to suit a wide range of needs, and we strive to always offer the highest quality tuition at the best price.

  • Lessons, Ensembles and Mini Maestros

    From small groups for beginners, up to longer individual sessions, there are lots of different lesson options at different fee levels. Ensembles offer fantastic value and an extra dimension when learning an instrument.

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  • Offers and Discounts

    Everyone gets a free trial for every instrument. Mini Maestros get free choir membership as an added bonus. And we understand that more children means more expense, so we’ve discounted fees on multiple ensembles.

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  • Help with fees

    If you’re still finding it hard to afford music lessons, we can sometimes offer additional financial support, whether that’s a short term issue, a top up for an extra activity, or something more substantial.

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  • Sign up for lessons

    We will never charge you on sign up – we take care to allocate a suitable teacher and session before you are invoiced.

  • Pay and play

    Your invoices will be sent termly, however we can arrange payment in instalments if required.

  • And repeat!

    Your lessons and ensembles will automatically renew each term. If you wish to cancel, you will need to give half a term’s notice.


“Many thanks for the innovation and excellent tuition and fun Berkshire Music Trust is providing”

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Jo Fuller Parent

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