Meet the Instruments

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Whatever instrument you are interested in, we can teach you to play it – and in most cases, find a group you can play in too. We offer free tasters for every instrument (including voice!) so you can make sure your choice is a good fit for you before committing to lessons. Meet the instruments below and take our quiz to see what instruments may be right for you!

Meet the Instruments

What instrument should I choose to play?

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How old are you?

Step 2 / 7

What's the main reason you want to learn a new instrument?

Step 3 / 7

How do you like enjoying music?

Step 4 / 7

Which sounds more like you?

Step 5 / 7

What best describes you?

Step 6 / 7

How tall are you?

Step 7 / 7

Do you get on with your neighbours?

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