Berkshire Maestros fundraising to create musical opportunities for all

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Berkshire Maestros fundraising to create musical opportunities for all

Berkshire Maestros are raising funds for Soundbeam equipment to create more musical opportunities for all in their music centres and across schools.

Soundbeam creates endless opportunities for music making for students with disabilities including offering a chance for them to fully express themselves musically, often for the very first time, also players to express their emotions and offer them musical freedom to performers who are unable to access traditional instruments. This will give players a sense of control and gain independence. It also provides them with a platform on which to teach and learn the National curriculum for music and develop their motor skills through encouragement of physical movement.


Soundbeam uses ultrasonic sensors to detect movement – big or small – and translates this into sounds. It comes with pre-loaded ‘sound sets’ that range from tracks which allow the exploration and performance of different genres – blues, classical, to more improvisational soundscapes and other musical ways of playing. It is completely programmable so that the user can make changes to personalise the sound sets and save them. This equipment can be used for SEND students of all ages including adults.


Soundbeam said “We are delighted that Berkshire Maestros are fundraising to purchase a Soundbeam system for the county, to date we have supplied 100+ Soundbeam systems to music services in the UK so that they can better support disabled learners. As a small business based in Bristol and established in 1988 – we have developed Soundbeam technology to facilitate musical expression for performers of all ages and abilities helping schools, colleges, hospices, hospitals and arts organisations to give their students and service users a meaningful and exciting way to perform and create music”

If you would like help support Berkshire Maestros and donate to help raise funds for this equipment, please click here:Making music accessible for all – help us buy a Soundbeam – JustGiving

Jamie Baird, Berkshire Maestros Partnerships and Inclusion Development Manager said “Soundbeam is such a wonderful musical instrument, allowing people of all ages and abilities to create music. The technology it uses is so impressive and sparks so many ideas for how it can be used within our schools and music centres. I particularly love the freedom of expression it gives the player and can't wait to see how our young people communicate and interact through Soundbeam”

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