Lesson Prices 22/23

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Lesson Prices 22/23

We are now approaching the end of an academic year that has been full of music making across Berkshire! Berkshire Maestros are proud of all our students who have been practising away, taking exams, performing or simply enjoying their lessons or music making sessions.


Outside of the music-making, we know that there are increasing pressures on parents and families at the moment with huge increases in the cost of living.


We, at Berkshire Maestros have worked hard to recognise this in setting our prices for the next academic year and have striven to ensure our prices don’t reflect this increase so that we can ensure children and young people still get the opportunity to make music.

The link to our new fees is here but here are the headlines:


• Ensemble and Mini Maestro fees FROZEN at last year’s prices
NEW special rate for beginners to join as many ensembles as they wish for one flat fee
• Joining a student choir is FREE if you are in any of our other student ensembles
• A REDUCTION in the cost of our group lessons, the most affordable way to start learning
• A SMALL increase to our individual lesson costs to ensure our students can progress onto 20 or 30 minute lessons

We hope that this comes as good news to you and we look forward to continuing your child’s journey with us in the next academic year. If you do wish to cancel for the end of this term, please make sure you do this online by 5th June 2022.

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